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Pet Turf Installation-Synthetic Turf Team of Jupiter

A regular synthetic turf installation in your yard or patio is not the same thing as having one that’s right for you… and your pets. If you need to replace an existing product, or if you want to make sure your pet has the right one, Synthetic Turf Team of Jupiter can help. We’ll find the right option for your pet so that they can enjoy it all day and even lie down on it without you having to worry about the heat and how they try to dig the surface every time they can.

Artificial grass is installed on most patios and yards to give the illusion that natural grass is growing. If you have a cat or dog, it is advisable to choose a different option from synthetic grass since it doesn’t have the same properties, at least most of the time.

Pet turf can be used to beautify your garden and give your pets the best place to play by adding extra benefits and preventing you from dealing with:

  • Muddy paws.
  • Insects and bugs.
  • Brown patches.
  • Take care of them so that they don’t dig any holes.
  • Having to keep an eye on how hot the surface is to make sure they aren’t harmed by it.

Pet Turf Will Make Your Dogs (& You) Happy

The problem with natural grass and turf is that you have to deal with dirt and mud all the time. While it may not seem to be a problem when you are with your family, it can become a problem when you have a pet, especially a dog that loves running and digging as soon as they are allowed to.

It is also necessary to water your grass at least once a week, and many people even have to deal with it about three times a week to make sure it looks green and ready for not only their pets but also visitors and whenever you want to have an event. However, focusing on having to water your grass can lead to having to clean your pet’s paws multiple times per day when it goes out to play or to do its needs.

Pet turf is a great alternative to all of the problems you have previously encountered. Your pets will not come in contact with dirt or mud, and you won’t need to water them every week. Even if you’re not available, you can leave the job once or twice per month.

Artificial turf is very durable and can last for a very long time. The pet turf option allows you to increase durability as the fibers are stronger and simulate the real thing. It is resistant to pets’ brute force, so it won’t be damaged easily and won’t break the bank. Our team is very good at repairing your pets’ damage as well, and these repairs won’t be costly either nor take too much time to be performed and done.

You can also enjoy your time with your pet. There is no need to water your space every single day or deal with this constant issue. Your pets can enjoy the experience, and you can just relax at the end of the day.

You Can Have a Long Lasting & Safe Surface for Them

Synthetic Turf Team of Jupiter can manufacture almost any type of pet turf that we have in store and make sure they are perfect for your pet and space when assessing your area. 

We can provide it and if we don’t have it or need to order it from our distributors, rest assured they will meet the same quality. They follow the same standards as us: they use high-quality, nontoxic materials for all things.

We are now allowed to use top-quality pet turf, which is not only resistant to pulling force but also nontoxic for you and your pets. 

The difference will not be noticed by your dog, except when it attempts to dig holes. You won’t have any worries about your pup picking up bugs or other unwanted guests while they’re playing or taking a break on the grass.

It will also help you to take care of their waste and ensure that they drain quickly. Pet turf comes with a perforated backing which prevents liquid retention.

Your pet turf is protected from heat by being protected with U.V. It has U.V. inhibitors that will keep it green throughout the year, particularly in Florida’s harsh weather conditions.

You don’t need to use any chemicals, fertilizers, or other special liquids to maintain your turf. This means that you can eliminate any potential health problems for your pets.

How Long Will Pet Turf Last with Several Dogs in the House?

It is not uncommon to worry about its longevity. Dogs and cats, in particular, love to play hard. They aren’t good at measuring their force, and natural grass can become brittle, and your patio may have empty spaces because of their daily activities. This is why pet turf is so useful. It’s not only durable but also long-lasting.

Our products are made from the highest quality materials, including nylon and polyethylene, which are the top choices for fibers. No matter what type you choose, we can help you pick the right one for your pet. It should last at least ten years, and there is a 15-year warranty that covers all pet turf purchased at Synthetic Turf Team of Jupiter.

The main benefit is that your turf’s longevity won’t be affected by having multiple dogs. It’s designed to last years and perform well regardless of how many pets or dogs you have. You can expect it to last more than a decade, regardless of whether you have multiple dogs. The key is to choose the right type to match the number of pets and the amount of time they spend outside.

Contact us for more information about artificial turf for pets. We welcome you to visit our office. Let our team know your interests and the number of pets or dogs you have.

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